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There are a lot of different decorative hardware for any kitchen style available on today's market. The knobs and handles should reflect the quality of your cabinets.

After you remove the old knobs, there will be scratches and little holes left from removing them, so the new hardware should be able to cover those scratches.

You may find porcelain knobs as an attractive feature in your kitchen.

They are usually seen as something that is part of a country style kitchen or cottage kitchen, but they can be used in a traditional kitchen.

(I know your hubby is cursing my name right now and polishing his darts – and you’re checking the birth date on your driver’s license and yelling, ‘HONEY, SHE JUST CALLED ME YOUNG AND MODERN! Well, they are neutral, they are easy to coordinate things with (appliances and countertops) and they appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

If you choose a ‘colour’ you are awesome, but you are also taking the risk of a) getting tired of it faster and b) not appealing to as many people upon resale.

This idea takes your cabinets from looking like builder basic cabinets – to custom made.

Crown moulding is the ‘crown’ that sits on top of your cabinets – not to be confused with the crown moulding that goes at your ceiling line. 3″) that is attached to the bottom part of your upper cabinets – where you would hang under cabinet lighting.

If you have stainless steel appliances you have the flexibility of going either way – just keep in mind that if your stainless steel has a lot of black detailing, this will contrast with white cabinets, so be sure to check out your details.

It’s easy to paint your walls – but paint your cabinets? Contrast can look great in a kitchen when you’re dealing with countertops, cupboards and flooring.

However, when you’re transitioning from product to product ‘horizontally’ it’s best to keep things low contrast.

Changing your cabinets, even slightly will have a dramatic effect on your whole kitchen appearance.

If your cabinets are lack luster and dull, but the doors overall are in good shape, a simple change in kitchen hardware can make an enormous difference.


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