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I finished my running and decided to go work on some bars.I thought it would be a good time to make proper contact with him, too.“Hey handsome, can you spot me on the bars? I lay back, my legs spread on either side of the bench.I decided it was better to get on with my own routine before I got too carried away.

I smiled to myself, seeing his muscled arms bulge as he worked them hard.As usual, I put on a sexy gym outfit, a tight grey sports bra with baby-pink trim and matching booty shorts. I loved that even though I was a short girl, I had curves.I made my way to the gym and was pleased to see the monster was already there.I’m only a small girl, as I have said, so I have no choice but to get to my knees in front of him as if I didn’t want to anyway.I measured his cock up against my arm, finding it to be bigger than I thought originally.All I really wanted to do was jump on him and let him take me.I was getting so wet from looking at him, I swear my booty short got a little wet patch.His hands groped at my body, squeezing my ass and my breasts.He pulled away from me and without any effort, picked me up.That was when I felt it, his massive rod pushing up inside me.His cock was massive, bigger than any I had ever had before.“I’m gonna fuck your brains out, little girl.” He said, as I felt him slowly push every inch of his cock inside me.


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