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About two years after winning season two, in 2009, Hall opened the "non-regional small plate" bistro in downtown LA. After exiting the show in the first two weeks, she eventually found a home behind the camera of another popular cooking show, serving as a producer of Fox's Restaurants Opened: ne Mesis Bistro What's She Up to Now?

Named after a neighborhood in Scotland's largest city, they've also provided catering to "The Oscars, Kim Jong-Un's graduation, and Snooki's baby shower". Her world cuisine flare is obvious when taking a look at the menu of her Miami-based resto.

Restaurants Opened: The NY-based trio of Perilla, Kin Shop, and The Marrow. After winning season one, he's opened and is currently operating those three NYC-area restaurants, including the blazingly hot "West Village Italo-German trattoria-lodge" The Marrow.

Restaurants Opened: Mayfair & Pine What's She Up to Now?

Currently, he runs Finger Food Consulting, which has quite an active Facebook page! Dude has had some high profile exec chef positions, like those at Marble Lane (which he exited in May 2013) and the clubby NYC outpost of Lavo.

According to his bio, he currently works as a "Ship's Navigator" for tuna supply company Tri Marine. Restaurants Opened: Feed The People (now closed) What's She Up to Now? He famously was sent home after he woke up Marcel and put him in a half-nelson.

It's possible he hasn't updated it because nothing interesting has happened to him since.

Restaurants Opened: Frankie the Bull's BBQ (now closed) What's He Up to Now?

He's currently planning a new resto in Montauk, but, in 2012, opened a food truck along with Mike D of the Beastie Boys (and other friends that you didn't have a poster of in college) that gave out free food to anyone who needed it in a town hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Restaurants Opened: The Gorbals What's He Up to Now?


  1. Hosea Rosenberg Restaurants Opened. The only chef who competed on Top Chef, and was invited to appear in the upcoming season of Top Chef Masters.

  2. Season finale of Top Chef, season five. L-R Hosea Rosenberg. dating singular women. 18 thoughts on “ Stefan Richter, Singular Celebrity Chef.

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