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She was committed to finishing school, and her boyfriend had recently moved to another state.Nicole drove to a childhood friend's apartment, where they began making phone calls.Some women arrive at those centers in search of Christian counseling or free diapers, but the vast majority are looking for professional advice to help them navigate unplanned pregnancies.Increasingly, pregnancy centers are what's available. Around the country, access to abortion has eroded dramatically.

In 2011, state lawmakers began requiring women to wait 72 hours between pre-abortion counseling and procedures.

Last year, I attended Heartbeat International's annual conference, where nurses told me that birth control "introduces too many chemicals into your body" and that women "never recover" emotionally from abortion.

The anti-abortion movement regularly presents pregnancy centers as a scattering of kindly women working with shoestring budgets.

South Dakota doesn't have any doctors who do abortions; physicians fly in from surrounding states.

With limited scheduling, the Sioux Falls Planned Parenthood is often booked weeks in advance.


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