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Thailand dating and marraiage

What has been responsible for these remarkable differences in marriage patterns?

In many East and Southeast Asian countries, delayed marriage can be linked to rapid economic development, rapidly advancing educational levels for women and related changes in employment patterns.

Women in the region still prefer to marry up, and men are often reluctant to marry someone who is better educated or makes more money than they do.

Not surprisingly, the outcomes across the region are diverse. Jones is Professor of Sociology and Director of the J.But divorce rates remain generally very low in South Asian countries.Rather than reflecting more harmonious marriages, low divorce in this region is because the marriage system does not permit the ‘escape route’ of divorce.This is the case, for example, in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India. Though many countries in East and Southeast Asia now show patterns of very delayed marriage, not all of them do.The people of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar marry late, while the people of Indonesia marry earlier.Traditional arranged marriage systems have collapsed, and women, who no longer need a husband for financial security, are delaying marriage.Given the changing balance in the pool of potential spouses, with a much higher ratio of well-educated women to well-educated men than before, traditional attitudes are getting in the way.Y Pillay Comparative Asia Research Centre at the Global Asia Institute, National University of Singapore.Thank you for paying attention to my profile My name is Irina!Let me introduce myself to you I'm a woman who believes that love is the main thing in this world... more about Irina from Cherkasy I am an optimist by nature and radiate energy.I like life and my friends say that everything I do is full of happiness.


  1. Apr 25, 2013 Marriage in Asia 26 April 2013. Author Gavin W. Jones, NUS. Taiwan, Thailand and Myanmar marry late, while the people of Indonesia marry earlier.

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