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I’ve had girlfriends that I have met at a party, and we went back to my place that night, y’know? Apparently the most successful first dates happen in Italian restaurants. Nobody is like, “Dude, I've got this bomb Ethiopian spot you gotta try out!

On point though, my parents for instance, they were set up on a blind date. Dave: With your six to eight date rule, does this mean that you can play along with that game and space out those dates over three months, going on six to eight dates with loads of girls at the same time? Dave: I have done my fair share of romantic history revisionism. You notice how a monkey never lets go of one vine until he has grabbed onto another one? If I take someone home, and they sleep over, then my perfect date is not needing the bathroom all night.

Macklovitch admits, “I get jealous/ But I’m too cool to admit it.” Chromeo may be the hottest dudes in the room, but they’re still carrying a middle school dance-worth of social anxiety, as well as a junior high rhyming dictionary.

Daft Punk’s is credited for ushering in a new era of collaborative dance tracks across the length of an album; similarly, these guests spots march along with an assortment of ’70s keys, ’80s synths, and funky talkboxes, which bring a dusting of Studio 54 and Reagan-era chart toppers to your local wifi hot spot.

But, we begin inside the romantic warzones of dating. Dave: First of all, French culture doesn't have the concept of dating. If we had any backbone, we would apply it to all areas of our life.

I remember when I moved to the US 11 years ago, if I had dinner with the same girl a couple of times in the same month, all of a sudden we were dating and I had lots of obligations that I had no idea existed. In French culture it is very old school: you ask someone to be your girlfriend. According to the ‘Dating Factsheet’ I have in front of me, couples wait until the sixth to eighth date before they are willing to enter into an exclusive relationship. I’ve had girlfriends who I knew already, and it became romantic. - - - - - - Ezra, you may need to be hypothetical here due to your lack of dates, but what would your perfect first date be? Ezra: I don’t have much experience here, but that is that something a woman would really like? Dave: For 80% of the normcore population, restaurants are either Asian or Italian.

Pulled from erotic fashion photographer Helmut Newton’s 1976 book of the same same, this sap is destined to stand on the outside and bemoan the incomprehensible nature of the opposite sex.

It’s not a far cry from the Canadian duo’s previous offerings — nor from the common themes of popular dance music in general — but there’s still plenty of mileage left in this ride.


  1. Vampire Weekend And Chromeo A Guide To Love. Chapter One Dating In which, Dave 1 and Ezra Koenig discuss perfect dates, restaurant selection, and pooping.

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