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Dating newbury

Once we were seated, we were greeted by a waiter who is actually from France and studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. For dinner, Eric ordered the le magret which is a roasted duck breast served on a fricassée of potato, oyster mushroom and spinach bed with an orange and honey gravy. I ordered my tried and true favorite, the filet mignon.Eric started his dinner with the French onion soup, which he says is the best way to judge a French restaurant. Much to his chagrin, I ordered the escargot (what?! It is unfortunately served with a creme based potato puree which I can’t do due to my milk allergy.My husband spoiled me and let me pick out something special for dinner.After all the shopping and walking around was done, we made our way to the restaurant La Voile.We finally spread our wings and made our way to the beautiful city of Boston for a date night.Although we love our little city of Providence, we wanted to do something with a different scene.Remember if you don't find anyone suitable and tick them all as a No, we will offer you a free event as part of our guarantee.

Speed Dating in Newbury guarantee As it's very likely to find many other people you like at our Newbury Speed Dating events, you can tick as many as you like.

Also, because we made such a long trek, we wanted to do something that was not just going to a restaurant but also seeing the sights and taking our time. Part of the Back Bay neighborhood, this two mile stretch of shops and restaurants was once a high end residential area in the the 1800’s.

Today, it’s made its transition into a perfect combination of small boutiques, high-end fashion labels and a mix of eateries and coffee shops. This street has to be one of my favorite streets in all of the East Coast.

Speed dating events in Newbury can change all of this for the better.

They are held in relaxing and comfortable venues so all those in attendance feel at ease when talking to new people they have never met before.


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