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Wsus not updating computer list

Alternatively, a tabular report that lists the approval status for each update and each group, so that it can be processed to extract what I need. Get Computer Target Groups()|For Each-Object -Process $Update Scope=New-Object Microsoft.

Click the down arrow for that filter and select "All" or whatever the equivalent is. If you look at the list of computers on the downstream server, are any of them showing that they have 100% of available updates installed or not applicable?Scnreenshot 1: For all pcs are two updates reported as missing, though the pcs itself report no missing updates.Scnreenshot 2: Detail view - this two updates is twice the KB3061064, which is approved for installing All clients report that they are up to date while the wsus still shows the warning that the two updates are missing.If you review the IIS logs you may also see that the client IP addresses never attempt to post to the WSUS servers “reportingwebservice”.We saw the following in the so we know it was generating local reporting events: 2008-02-21 :9 Report REPORT EVENT: 2008-02-21 :989-0500 1 162 101 100 0 Automatic Updates Success Content Download Download succeeded. 2008 at AM: – Definition Update for Microsoft Forefront Client Security (Antimalware 1.27.6904.0)Note: These settings were added specifically for Config Mgr 2007 to reduce the number of reporting events sent back to the WSUS server.I haven't found a way to get rid of it, except declining these updates, like recommended here: WSUS Reports KB3061064 for All Computers.Because we don't know for all customers if skype is used, I don't want to go that way.Is declining really the only way to get away from that update?Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. Action as Action FROM PUBLIC_VIEWS.v Update AS a Update INNER JOIN PUBLIC_VIEWS.v Update Approval AS a Approval ON a Update. Update Id LEFT JOIN Target Group as a Group ON a Group. Computer Target Group Id "@ $query Timeout = 120 # Construct the connection string $connection String = "Data Source=; Integrated Security=True; Connect Timeout=; Database=SUSDB" -f $data Source,$connection Timeout # Open the connection to the SQL server $connection = New-Object System. Connection String = $connection String $connection. Open() # Construct our SQL command $sql Command = New-Object system.


  1. This is the Windows Server Update Services. WSUS clients install updates properly but don. 2012 and WSUS Clients went “The computer has not.

  2. Important update for WSUS 4. one of these machines and it did not find the update. Check WSUS and saw the test. update for all computer.

  3. This is the Windows Server Update Services. Tips for troubleshooting WSUS Agents that are not. Agent to help manage updates on a computer.

  4. We have a few computers that show up under Managed Computers but do not show up under the WSUS Computer Groups. Launch the WIndows Update Agent Maintenance.

  5. WSUS shows incorrect KB 3061064 Updates for all computers closed. Failed and Pending updates “restart your computer to install important updates”?

  6. I'm trying to find a way to create a WSUS report of updates that have been approved for computer group A that have not been approved for one or more other groups.

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