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Formview fired event itemupdating which demi moore dating now

With the additional files in the site looked at, let's take a look at how you can display contact persons on a page.Because much of the work has already been done by writing the code in the BO, Bll and Dal layers, displaying a list of contact persons is now super easy.Each of the other three components of the application has a reference to the objects in the Business Objects layer.This means that the web site can consume objects like that are returned from the business layer that in turn got them from the data access layer.

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The controls in the site will return to their default layout.

You also saw how to use the API to programmatically create contact persons and their contact data and save those in a database.

However, writing explicit code to work with your business objects isn't always fun, and can be a cumbersome task.

Part two showed you how to code the classes that were designed in part one.

You saw how to implement the data access methods and database code and how the various classes were able to work together.


  1. The DetailsView uses a built-in tabular format to display the data, whereas the FormView uses templates to let you define the look and feel of your data. A simple. When the SqlDataSource control is done with inserting or updating, it fires its ItemInserted or ItemUpdated events, respectively. Inside these events, the code.

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