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Internet dating should be illegal

But Techdirt founder Mike Masnick wonders if Webb committed multiple felonies under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by violating JDate’s terms of service agreement.

He notes that JDate requires users to provide accurate information about themselves, and impersonating others is restricted.

And 38% of Americans who are single and actively looking for a partner have used online dating at one point or another.

Compared with eight years ago, online daters in 2013 are more likely to actually go out on dates with the people they meet on these sites.

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Look at all the stories on the news about these sexual predators trying to meet up with teenage girls.Around one in ten online daters (13%) agree with the statement that “people who use online dating sites are desperate,” and 29% agree that online dating “keeps people from settling down because they always have options for people to date.” Familiarity with online dating through usage by friends or family members has increased dramatically since our last survey of online dating in 2005.Some 42% of Americans know someone who has used online dating, up from 31% in 2005.They tell them lies about their ages and where they are from just to get these girls in their hands.I have never seen someone on there that actually told the truth.They should be banned because no one tells the truth on them.People always try to look better than they really are.Dating sites are deceiving ways to take people's money.If you want to meet someone, then it is better to go to a club or singles bar. Not only for the reasons that you listed, but also because I find internet dating sites to be for very desperate people who can't find their true love fast enough.Some 79% of online daters agree that online dating is a good way to meet people, and 70% of them agree that it helps people find a better romantic match because they have access to a wide range of potential partners.Yet even some online daters view the process itself and the individuals they encounter on these sites somewhat negatively.


  1. Should sites like be banned. What should be illegal. How can I find out whether my partner is using dating sites?

  2. Feb 13, 2013 Internet Law. Could fake profiles. including many CFAA cases, is that something that really should be left to the prosecutors’ and judges.

  3. FBI Warns of Online Dating Scams. that if you think you’ve been victimized by a dating scam or any other online scam, file a complaint with our Internet Crime.

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