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What to do about an intimidating boss

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The transition is not easy and can create self-doubt.

And if your manager begins to doubt his abilities, fear will take over and strangle good judgment." These bosses panic about being exposed as someone who doesn't actually have what it takes to be a good leader, and they spend tons of energy ensuring that they do not look weak to their boss or peers, de Haaff explains.

Think about it for a moment, how hard do you work at avoiding that person?

Now ask yourself this simple question: There is always some core reason for such strong feelings.

Perhaps they are your employer or supervisor and it feels like they hold your career in the palm of their hand. Maybe they are just plain mean and confrontational and you are one of their favorite targets. In a moment I am going to answer that question for you, but there is a good chance you won’t like what I am about to say.

We chose whether to take it personally or just blow it off.

It’s imperative that we realize, the moment we take something personally we become emotionally involved. And people who want to gain an emotional edge use them to get their own way.

Any of these situations can seem intimidating, and no sane person seeks out intimidation.

Have you ever wondered what gives that scary person the emotional leverage to manipulate your feelings?


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