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After Coronilla left his proceeding, his lawyer noticed two men who, he recalled, were “dressed like hunters.” The men followed Coronilla into an elevator, then identified themselves as agents and arrested him for reëntry after deportation, a felony.

Coronilla’s wife begged a federal judge to spare her husband.

Still others are asylum seekers from Central America, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, and elsewhere, who have fled gangs, climate crises, and armed conflicts, and then been misinformed or turned away by U. Customs and Border Protection officers, some of whom have been emboldened under President Trump.

In the final moments before Laura crossed the bridge, she turned to Agent Garza.

The officer, Nazario Solis III, claimed that Laura had been driving between lanes and asked to see her license and proof of insurance. She’d lived in the United States undocumented her whole adult life.“Do you have your residence card?

” Solis asked.“No,” Laura said, glancing anxiously at her cousin and her friends. Only Elizabeth had a visa, which she fished out of her purse. “I’m calling Border Patrol,” he said—an unusual move, at the time, for a small-town cop in South Texas. At five feet two inches and barely a hundred pounds, she looked younger than her age. citizens and steady jobs they didn’t want to lose, but they knew that Laura’s fear was distinct.

Before Laura crossed the Mc Allen-Hidalgo International Bridge into Mexico, she turned to the Border Patrol agent supervising her return to Mexico.

As the database grew to include more than sixty cases, patterns emerged. We discovered, too, how minor missteps—a traffic violation or a workplace dispute—can turn lethal for unauthorized immigrants.Now they were heading home, and giving two of Laura’s friends a ride, with a quick detour for hamburgers.Elizabeth said that, as they neared the highway, a cop flashed his lights at them.“When I am found dead,” she told him, “it will be on your conscience.”When Donald Trump announced his bid for the Presidency, he made anxieties about whiteness under siege a signature part of his platform. According to the United Nations, since 2008 there has been a fivefold increase in asylum seekers just from Central America’s Northern Triangle—Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador—where organized gangs are dominant. N., Honduras had the world’s highest murder rate; El Salvador and Guatemala were close behind.On the campaign trail, he promised to “deport all criminal aliens and save American lives.” After his Inauguration, the Department of Homeland Security created an office for the victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants, called —Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement. In the past decade, a growing number of immigrants fearing for their safety have come to the U. Even as border apprehensions have dropped, the number of migrants coming to the U. Politicians often invoke the prospect of death by deportation in debates about the fate of these immigrants and others with precarious status, like the Dreamers.He was later sent to prison for unrelated convictions, including bribery, extortion, and drug conspiracy.)Laura had started dating Sergio when she was eighteen, and he soon became physically abusive.After a particularly horrific night the previous spring, when Sergio assaulted her, Laura had finally called the police, and coöperated with them to secure his arrest. In the year since then, Laura had tried to create a normal childhood for her sons.At eighteen, Juan Carlos Coronilla-Guerrero was deported from Texas to Mexico.He later returned and settled in Buda, Texas, with his wife. In January, 2017, someone in his neighborhood reported him for a domestic dispute; police found him in possession of a quarter of a gram of marijuana.In March, Coronilla went to the Travis County courthouse for what, before Trump’s election, would likely have been a quick misdemeanor hearing.Travis was a “sanctuary jurisdiction,” meaning that the sheriff there declined to honor most federal detention requests agents in Travis County had suddenly appeared in the courthouse.


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