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Is nigel lythgoe still dating priscilla presley

She married at 21 in 1967 and divorced the King six years later, weary of his ­infidelities.Since then she has suffered a series of romantic disasters.She is reported to be contemplating surgery to remove the silicone but cosmetic dermatologist Dr Joel Schlesinger warns: “It is a very dangerous procedure because the silicone may be interlaced with the muscles and nerves – and touching those areas could cause damage.” Priscilla says the matter has been resolved.

He’s phoning me every day and it’s kind of knitted us back together.” Priscilla’s representative insists that she and Lythgoe are “just friends” but they were seen kissing last year and have stayed close.“All anyone wants is for Priscilla to be happy,” says a friend.“She has been through enough.” Although it’s more than 30 years since his death, Elvis’s spirit is with her on every show.I did everything for him, in every way, in every manner.I almost became him.” Friends hope that she can find love again.“I don’t want to be labelled by a number, because I don’t feel that at all,” she says of the years under her tightly cinched belt. Yet behind the glamour, Priscilla is torn by fear and heartache.A dangerous procedure used by her cosmetic surgeon could destroy her looks, her daughter’s pregnancy has been marred by cruel rumours and it is feared Priscilla could lose out in a love triangle.He was convicted of smuggling non-approved drugs into America from Argentina and jailed for 18 months.Released last month, he is awaiting extradition from the US, while Priscilla anxiously waits to see how the chemicals implanted in her face change with age.She dated a karate instructor, a hairdresser and male model Mike Edwards.Priscilla seemed to find love again with Brazilian film-maker and writer Marco Garibaldi.


  1. Iconic sex symbol RAQUEL WELCH and Elvis’ ex-wife, PRISCILLA PRESLEY, are mixed up in a bizarre Hollywood man swap! Raquel is dating Priscilla’s ex-beau, Nigel.

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