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Beyond age 20, both men and women are considered potential grooms and brides.

Most marriages in Pakistan are traditional arranged marriages, semi-arranged marriages or love marriages.

Once the wedding proposal is accepted, beverages and refreshments are served.

Depending on individual family traditions, the bride-to-be may also be presented with an gifts such as jewelry and a variety of gifts.

In Punjabi weddings, the ceremony traditionally hosted by the family of the bride, while in Baloch weddings the ceremony is traditionally hosted by the family of the groom.

Nowadays, it has become common to hold the event at a marriage hall, restaurant or hotel.

Following the first visit, both the man and woman have their say in whether or not they would like a follow up to this visit.

Once both parties are in agreement, a proposal party () is held at the bride's home, where the groom's parents and family elders formally ask the bride's parents for her hand in marriage.

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The dress may or may not be accompanied by jewellery, depending upon region and ethnic background.

However this has changed substantially in recent generations with males featuring prominently.

Hosting the marriage ceremony differs among different cultures.

Once a decision has been made by either the man or woman or both, one or more representatives of the potential groom’s family pay a visit to the potential bride's family.

In arranged marriages, the first visit is purely for the parties to become acquainted with one another and does not include a formal proposal.


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