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You might also find a piece of history if you come across an 1858 Remington for sale or a Remington 1875 for sale.

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The gun is nickel plated and has 95% remaining, this has a strong colour and exhibits very little, if any “Milkiness” often seen on 19th Century nickel plated guns.

There are various stampings around the barrel, such as an "H", but it's all by itself with no other marks that look like they would go with it.

The serial number begins and ends with the letter "V"; would that help?

Here is some information that you can get from you serial number after 1921Remington's manufactured after 1921 have a code located on the left side of the barrel near the frame that identifies the year and month of manufacture.

The following letters correspond to the months of the year Month Codes: [first letter]B - L - A - C - K - P - O - W - D - E - R - X1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12Year:---------Code: [second and/or third letters]1930----------Y1931----------Z1932----------A1933----------B1934----------C1935----------D1936----------E1937----------F1938----------G1939----------H1940---------- J1941---------- K1942---------- L1943---------- MMZ1944---------- NN1945---------- PP1946---------- RR1947---------- SS1948---------- TT1949---------- UU1950---------- WW1951---------- XX1952---------- YY1953---------- ZZ1954---------- A1955---------- B1956---------- C1957---------- D1958---------- E1959---------- F1960---------- G1961---------- H1962---------- J1963---------- K1964---------- L1965---------- M1966---------- N1967---------- P1968---------- R1969---------- S1970---------- T1971---------- U1972---------- W1973---------- X1974---------- Y1975---------- Z1976---------- I1977---------- O1978---------- Q1979---------- V1980---------- A1981---------- B1982---------- C1983---------- D1984---------- E1985---------- F1986---------- G1987---------- H1988---------- I1989---------- J1990---------- K1991---------- L1992---------- M1993---------- N1994---------- O1995---------- P1996---------- Q1997---------- R1998---------- S1999---------- T2000---------- U2001---------- W2002---------- XUsing barrel codes (such as those listed above) to date the manufacture are reliable on Remington rifles, as the company rarely changed barrels on a customer's rifle.


  1. Modern version of the Remington derringer. public dating a remington pocket knife consultation on dating a remington pocket knife the following day.

  2. This Remington Double Derringer has a nickel finish 98%, single line markings with hard rubber grips and the number " 46 " stamped on the underside of the bottom.

  3. Collectors Firearms Inc. has one of the country's largest collections of militaria, uniforms, weapons. Remington Elliot Ring Trigger Derringer 32 Rimfire.

  4. A colt Third Model Derringer. provenance USA dating. An Original Wild West Remington Double Barrel Derringer. 41 Cal Rimfire Blued and case hardened finish.

  5. With adam hann-byrd, played the mother of these size are becoming more common and some dating

  6. We offer Remington antique derringers for sale and other highly collectable firearms. We might have an 1858 Remington or an 1875 Remington for sale, too.

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