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Updating ms access database using vb net

Private Sub addnew_Click() rs.addnew clear End Sub Sub clear() Text1. Picture = Load Picture("") End Sub Private Sub Combo1_Click() Combo2.clear If Combo1. EOF Then display reload Else Msg Box "Record Profile not found ..!!

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TECH (CE)" Else End If End Sub Private Sub deletebtn_Click() confirm = Msg Box("Do you want to delete the Student Profile", vb Yes No vb Critical, "Deletion Confirmation") If confirm = vb Yes Then rs.

Should I fill datagridview with two SELECT statements without joined tables? Joining tables shouldn't make any difference as long as you update to exactly the same combination as you originally filled the DGV with the binding should take care of assigning the new values correctly. Load 'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'Baza_podatkov Data Set.narocilo' table. Dim CONNECT_STRING As String = _ "Provider=Microsoft.

Reviews: "dunfiddlin likes his Data Tables" - jmcilhinney Please be aware that whilst I will read private messages (one day!

Insert, Update, Delete, Search & Navigation are basic operations used in database handling.

Below is the simple application which allows to insert, update, delete, search and navigation in database using as frontend.


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