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Dating sites for political people spore updating content database not responding

(Most Ok Cupid users identified as liberal, so they analyzed the data by comparing the percentage of liberals who use a word to the percentage of conservatives who used the word.) Some are obvious, like liberals loving , NPR, and marijuana, while conservatives posting more about religion, guns, and the military.

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So I decided to find the five most prominent, While some proved to be average (Trump and Bernie Singles.com), others were barely functioning (Maple Match and Libertarian Passions), and one featured almost impressively creepy members (I’m talking to you, “baby girl” on Trump Singles.com), none failed to amuse.

Best Part(s): Potential of a launch Many have written it off as a joke, but it could still happen.

A mass email was sent out on June 23 advertising shirts that they have for sale.

And the whole idea of a website meant to garner green cards still seems sketchy. Maybe Maple Match will make a surprising meteoric rise in the dating scene.

Stranger things have happened, like Donald Trump winning the Republican primary.


  1. Oct 25, 2013. The dating world is hard enough before adding the 'net and the possibility that the NSA is mocking your flirting game. There are all sorts of online dating sites, for every political niche.

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