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Ignored and dating

Avoidance may be his only choice to save his feelings and ego from further damage.

There's almost nothing worse for a guy than to tell a woman he likes her when she doesn't feel the same way.

Ignoring the woman is the only way to ensure he doesn't misread signs or get rejected.

The Good Men Project suggests there are three fears all men are driven by in relationships, and one of them is the fear of rejection.

He could be hiding something big, like he's married, or something small, like he finds your friends annoying.

Women's Health shares eleven secrets men say they keep from their current love interest.

While a guy like this could just be an all-around bad person, he might also be putting himself and his needs above those of the women he's with.

The general process on how guys deal with rejection is: If a guy racks up the courage to tell a girl he likes her, chances are he's perceived some signs of interest on her part.

Otherwise, he might be too scared to share his feelings.

Guys go into these types of conversations believing they have a good chance with the woman, so rejection can be quite a shock.

Because men are stereotypically expected to be initiators, it may seem like they have a bigger fear of rejection than women.


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