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Disney fans dating

I started chatting with a guy from Yonkers who makes balloon animals for a living.I realize that sounds like a job a sex offender would have, but being on deadline forced me to be less judgmental.Considering I haven’t been to Disneyland (unironically) since I was 8, I had to settle on a picture of just my face. Mouse Mingle doesn’t require a mutual liking for someone to initiate a conversation, so I got lots of messages from a bunch of different guys.

BUT, even after the film wrapped shooting, the pair was still seen out and about, meeting up at the movies, holding hands at Disneyland and hitting up the Streamy Awards after party together.I gave him my number (a burner, because I am as paranoid as I am committed to my craft) and we texted back and forth.He asked me if I watched He suggested we meet at Barcade, causing me a moment of panic as I considered I may have just stumbled upon a Disney-crazed lunatic AND a gamer.Almost inevitably, every guy had one or, more often than not, multiple pictures at a theme park.And if they were over 25, I couldn’t help but find that more than mildly disconcerting.While the pair is used to sharing their lives online, this time it got super personal and fans aren't sure who to believe. There's been speculation for months now that Jake and Alissa were totally an item, but they never confirmed it themselves.Of course, they played into the whole dating thing when it came to their online personas because so many fans shipped their relationship.Think of it like a Facebook poke with all the same creepy connotations.Winking (and winking back) is free, but chatting will cost you.HOWEVER, the 19-year-old magazine the there is a special someone in her life, telling the publication that she “loves being home now because I have to travel so much, and I’m in a new relationship, so it’s nice being back in LA with them.” Naturally, ’cause of all the boyfriend-girlfriend rumors flying around, fans are freaking out…Disney Channel star Jake Paul and his fellow You Tube co-star Alissa Violet have just gotten into a huge public argument.


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