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Dating a man with cerebral palsy Sex chat arab with phone numbers lebanon

I'm 27 and have had two girl friends, but haven't really dating now in about 5 years. I really would like to be in a relationship with on awesome girl, or dating several girls, but for one its hard to work up the balls to ask anyone out and two I think this has become a mental feed back loop. Try being gay and disabled, that's a double whammy. I've often felt like no guys would want to date me or understand me because of my cp. my ex actually got frustrated with me because I kept forgetting stuff he told me So, I do not have CP, but have recently started dating someone who does (3 months).I don't have a lot of confidence because I have CP. He has not come out and told me he has it, but I work in the medical field so I see this condition often with ortho. He is very anxious of being left, to the point he pushes me away. The key problem is how his family treats him as if he were defective or unable to take care of himself (he even lives with his mother), however when we're together, with exception of some curvature in his feet, smallness of his leg musles, and curvature of one hand, he is a guy...goofy, loving, helpful, and great!

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Don't worry, we'll still be here waiting for you when you're done.

How many able-bodied gay men would ask out a disabled gay man? Haddad, 23, has struggled with for most of his young adult life.

Ryan has cerebral palsy; he wears braces on his legs and uses a walker.

Other guys he fools around with make it a point to never let Ryan forget about his disability.

One tells him, "With all your problems, you'd be lucky to take whatever you can get!


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  2. I just started dating a man with celebral palsy. Its not severe. he can walk and move just fine. his speech is a bit slurred but its understandable. We

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