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Adult bifida chat group room spina

Support groups can be led by a professional or by a peer (other HD family member or friend).Every support group leader is provided training by HDSA and assigned a mentor who can serve as a resource and support to the support group leader. Sujit: 'Steve and I have known each other for a very long time... Across from me there was a theatre-style seating area. My motto is "never be afraid of life."'The condition is a disabling birth defect that literally means 'split spine', and Kean explained that he had been thinking about the project for two years before finally grabbing his camera and snapping away. It was a different time and the dignity of people came a distant second to professional education.'I remember sitting almost nude on a stretcher in a large room.

You can join us and other friends, learn about events in your area, participate in research, chat with the experts, and learn how to take action — all on your time, at your pace.

The Amputee Coalition recognizes the challenges of recovering from a traumatic event such as losing a limb or learning that your child will be born with limb loss.

We have embraced peer support as one way to help address these challenges.

COPD360social is the COPD Foundation’s way of saying ‘Thank you’ to a community that can make the world take notice of a silent epidemic.

HDSA Support Groups are offered by HDSA chapters, affiliates, regions and Centers of Excellence.


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