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100 czech dating commentary site

Picture Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings painted in cheerful colours, old cobbled streets, and cute little cafes serving up traditional Czech food.

Like with most popular attractions, this place gets very crowded during the day – especially when the Astronomical Clock strikes the hour – however, if you come by early in the morning you’ll have this place all to yourself. Prague’s Jewish Quarter, or Josefov, is located directly north of the Old Town Square.

Today these former homes have been turned into souvenir shops and you can buy anything from handmade Czech puppets to literature by Frank Kafka who spent a few years writing on this lane. Prague’s Mind Maze was one of the highlights of my visit to the city and I can’t stop raving about it!

If you grew up watching room escape games like “Fort Boyard”, or playing computer games like “Encarta’s Mind Maze”, then you’ll love this!

It is made up of a series of palaces, courtyards, towers, halls, gardens, and lanes, and it also houses a chapel, basilica, and cathedral. Vitus is a gothic cathedral that contains the tombs of many of the Bohemian Kings and Holy Roman Emperors. You may go in for the performances, but you’ll also be dazzled by the building’s regal interior. Few visitors know about this place, so it’s the perfect place for a romantic stroll, a picnic, or even a little nap on the grass. Prague’s KGB Museum is one of the quirkier museums in town.

In short, the place is massive and there is a lot to see! One of the most unique aspects of this cathedral is that some of the stained glass windows were designed in the Art Nouveau style by Alphonse Mucha. This sweet pastry may have mixed origins, but it’s still a favourite here in Prague. While the museum may be small, it is full of unique gadgets and it is run by a man who has lots of stories to share. It’s a steep walk to reach the Strahov Monastery which sits above Petrin Hill, however, the long walk will reward you with beautiful views of Prague’s persimmon coloured rooftops below.

Novy Svet is worth the detour after a visit to the castle, and if you’re looking for a place to rest your weary feet, you can pop in to one of the cute little cafes and order yourself a cup of tea and a slice of cake. The National Museum may be closed for renovations, however, it’s still possible to admire the grand interior and velvet-carpeted staircases if you attend one of the concerts that take place in the evenings.

Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky – this is the place to go! For a more upscale experience touring the city, you can hire a luxury vehicle to drive you around Prague. If you’re coming with great expectations, you may be underwhelmed, but nevertheless, seeing the Astronomical Clock is one of the top things to do in Prague.

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While little remains of Prague’s ‘other’ castle which once stood here, you can still visit the Basilica of St Peter and St Paul Vyšehrad Cemetery, and the Rotunda of St.

You’ll be able to find anything from freshly baked cakes to organic honey, and I also recommend you pick yourself up a tasty Balkan burger with mustard – delicious! Much like Buenos Aires’ , this particular cemetery is one filled with mausoleums and sculptures that pay homage to artists, composers, politicians, and great thinkers who lived many centuries ago.

This is the final resting place for many famous Czechs, including Alphonse Mucha who was one of the leaders of the Art Nouveau movement. The Museum of Communism takes a look at the post–World War 2 Communist regime in Czechoslovakia.

Martin which is the oldest of three Romanesque round churches found in Prague (pictured above).

(23) Feed the swans on the banks of the Vltava River.


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