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He said the proposal was discriminatory, therefore it couldn't be adopted.

Stepp said about 30 people who attended church services voted on a new resolution that welcomes "believers into our fellowship regardless of race, creed or color."The issue came up at the tiny all-white Appalachian church after the daughter of church secretary Dean Harville visited over the summer with her boyfriend, who is from Africa, and the two sang for the congregation.

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Anyone who forbids interracial marriage is doing so without biblical authority.

Should I no longer watch basketball, baseball and football because interracial teams compete together? Don't forget that Leviticus extends "mixing together" to the condemnation of wearing a shirt with two different fabrics.

I take it that the Kentucky parishioners who disallow interracial marriage have no problem wearing shirts with a cotton and linen blend.

As it goes, at the time, the people of the earth were still unified in their language and race.

Working together, they decide they can build a tower that will reach up into heaven.


  1. Apr 18, 2014. It is fair to say that Christians historically may have more opposition than support for interracial marriage but at best it was one of many sources of support of anti-miscegenation, and not a core source since some Christians were motivated by their religious beliefs to support interracial marriage.

  2. Nov 13, 2013. Independent Fundamental Baptists IFB is a loosely-affiliated, cultish denomination of Christian fundamentalists. According to the Pew Forum on Religious and Public Life, there are approximately 7.85 million IFB members in America. It's unlikely there isn't an IFB church within a half-hour drive from your.

  3. Interracial Marriage" Baptist Preaching independent, fundamental, KJV.

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