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Wii shop channel without updating

Everything on here is a free softmod (software modification), meaning you don't have to buy anything or deal with any hardware.

Even better than that, we also take the time to explain what you are doing and why, so you're not blindly hacking away.

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Although it may be a little unnerving to simply let an application do so much at once, most users report no difficulty with the massive updating effort, although the tool will also permit individual updates instead of a larger mass-update operation.

But sometimes system updates contain updates for individual channels, and in some cases, as with the Shopping Channel, you cannot use that channel without the update. If you are running the final Wii OS version 4.3, then you probably shouldn't have to worry about system updates adversely affecting your Wii.

If you're running something earlier, though, you'll need to update your platform.

When the software is run, the IOS that is hardcoded gets loaded by the Wii, which then loads the software itself.

If that IOS does not exist on the Wii, in the case of disc-based software, it gets installed automatically (after the user is prompted).


  1. How to Use Wii Shop Channel Without Updating Your Nintendo Wii. Directions Introduction - You are using version 3.0-4.2, do not want to update your Wii, but still.

  2. Wii Shop Update without updating Wii. This page lets you know how to upgrade your Wii Shop so you can buy and download games without updating your Wii's firmware.

  3. FrontPage Page history last edited by haruspex 8 years, 2 months. This will allow you to shop with the latest Wii Shop Channel without updating the Wii System Menu.

  4. My Wii is original Wii 4.2E with Wasabi DX, but I don't have yet the cIOS. Can I install the newest Shop Channel without updating the Wii System Menu.

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