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These proceeses are responsible for such manifestation as increasing risk of frailty, disability, morbidity (age-related degenerative diseases) and ultimately increasing mortality rates.The study of aging is not simply the study of decline and dysfunction or of disease and disability; it is the study of the normal processes of development.People living longer, healthier lives in our societies of abundance have more lifetime and possibilities on their hands than any generation before them.This structural framework enables individuals to live more colourful lives, somewhat released from the constraints of age norms and institutional boundaries.There has been little research regarding the lived experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender communities.

Older people want choices about where and how they age in place.The author presents a newly designed theoretical framework for the study of the relationship between cultural values and successful aging, value orientations regarding relational modes (i.e.whether individual, collateral and lineal relationships are preferred) and the understandings of successful aging that follow from them (i.e.With retirement, major changes take place in the food-related time use.Work-related food-away-from-home consumption is substituted by food production and consumption at home and associated shopping activities.The framework illustrates how mobility impairments can lead to limitations in accessing different life-spaces and stresses the associations among determinants that influence mobility.Westwood, Sue [2016] Ageing, Gender and Sexuality: Equality in Later Life London: Routledge.It investigates how older people understand the meaning of aging in place, a term widely used in aging policy and research but underexplored with older people themselves.The basic question, “What is the ideal place to grow older?To meet this challenge we must strive to change negative attitudes toward old age and overcome stereotypes many people have about the elderly.Torres, Sandra [2002] Relational values and ideas regarding 'successful aging'In: Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 33(3): 417-430.


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