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17: What's your favorite thing about your character Jenna? She's a tomboy, but what I found interesting was how protective she is of herself. I actually went to the school Mean Girls was written about, so you can only imagine what my high school experience was like!Underneath all these tough layers, she's still your average, vulnerable girl with a crush on a boy.17: In your own life are you more of a guy's girl or a girl's girl. I was more comfortable with guys growing up, but now I find myself more comfortable in my own skin and open to people, regardless of their gender or popularity or any other label, as a result.17: This movie is all about letting down your defenses, and figuring out how well you really know your friends.When Dixon tries to slow down the pace of their relationship, Silver takes a trip to Kansas to learn what he was like before coming to Beverly Hills.Unfortunately, her fragile mental state gets her involved in a difficult situation.Other casting shakeups in Season 5 include the departure of series regular Gillian Zinser, who played surfer chick Ivy, and a strong recurring “promotion” for Josh Zuckerman’s dweeby Max.

Adrianna purposely sabotages a performance so Dixon will let her out of her contract, and Annie’s blog gets the attention of a publisher.

Naomi decides to open a restaurant with her half-brother Mark, while Dixon books Michaela to perform at the restaurant opening, unbeknownst to Silver.

Annie feels confused about her newly re-surfaced feelings for Liam and Navid agrees to escort Campbell’s fiancé to an event, only to find out Campbell is cheating on her.

Dixon, Navid and Liam decide to take Oscar out for a night on the town......

but their party ends when Ivy finds a Facebook photo of Dixon doing a body shot off a girl.


  1. Search by Show 90210 Version 2.0 CW 146 Locations. Adrianna and Javier's Accident · Adrianna Duncan's House. Annie and Mark's Rooftop Date · Annie and Preston Purse Shopping · Annie and Silver's Used Car. Ivy and Diego's Graffiti Wall · Ivy and Raj's Skate Park · Ivy and Raj's Wedding · Ivy's Dad's House

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