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Now the mood of rebellion is moving to Westminster, he will find it harder to avoid difficult issues.

Ultimately, with a shrinking, alienated and increasingly sceptical party to fall back on, he will find it harder to survive.

If Boris Johnson loses in London, a multitude of new problems will beset Mr Cameron.This backlash is also reflected in increasing criticism of MPs by party members.The Prime Minister will no longer be able to swat away problems, like he tried to do with the scandalous behaviour of his former Treasurer, Peter Cruddas (who was trapped in the undercover newspaper sting) by thinking the issue would go away if he merely set up an ‘internal inquiry’.Indeed, as we now know thanks to an undercover newspaper investigation into Tory funding, donors who hand over cheques for £250,000 are rewarded with a invitation to dine with Mr and Mrs Cameron at No10.While the PM may think he can ignore unhappy party members, many Tory MPs realise this is madness.In a brilliantly perceptive article for the Mail this week, Professor Anthony King, the leading political theorist, accused Mr Cameron of being a ‘dilettante’ and displaying signs of ‘amateurism’ for allowing mistakes like the Cruddas episode to happen.Professor King is right, but the problem is worse than that — for not only does Mr Cameron have a weak grasp of detail by nature, he also can’t be bothered to do the homework that is necessary for great leadership.The sensible thing would be to arrange orderly defaults for the vulnerable countries and, with their new devalued currencies, allow them to trade their way out of their problems.The alternative is potential global financial chaos.The mood among Tory MPs towards their leaders has turned decidedly uglier since the Budget.Although supporters at the grass roots have been angry for months (outraged by what they see as a Conservative Prime Minister falling over himself to appease the junior Coalition partner Lib Dems at every turn), discontent has now spread into the parliamentary party.


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