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They come under heavy persecution and have had survive almost 1500 years of constant attack.

This church is the fulfillment of the Isaiah prophecy that an "altar would be built in the midst of Egypt" and a "pillar placed" - The Coptic Christians are both an altar to the Lord and have had to be a pillar to His glory for 15 centuries!

Many of these sports had similar rules and eventually, on October 26th, 1863, a group of teams in England decided to get together and create a standard set of rules which would be used at all their matches.

They formed the rules for “Association Football”, with the “Association” distinguishing it from the many other types of football sports in existence in England, such as “Rugby Football”.

Whether that story’s true or not, the name caught on from around that point on.

In the beginning, the newly standardized Rugby and Soccer were football sports for “gentlemen”, primarily being played by the upper echelons of society.

remastered (Acous Tech)CD Harvest - CDP 7 46001 2 (1984, UK/US/Europe)CD EMI - CDDSOM 20 (1993, Europe) 20th Anniv. A., 1992)SACDh EMI ‎- 582 1362 (2003, Europe) 30th Anniv.

The game gradually spread throughout the world under the lower class name of “Football”, rather than “Soccer” as the “gentlemen” called it.

The problem was, though, that a lot of other countries of the world already had popular sports of their own they called “Football”, such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, to name a few.

John / backing vocals- Doris Troy / backing vocals Releases information LP Harvest - SHVL804 (1973, UK)LP Harvest - SHVL804 (2003, Europe) 30th Anniv.

Eclipse ()Total Time: NB - some releases combine tracks 1 & 2 and therefore show only 9 tracks Line-up / Musicians - David Gilmour / guitars, lead vocals (2,4,6,7), VCS3- Richard Wright / keyboards, lead vocals (4,7), VCS3 (8,9) & Synthi A (3,4) synths- Roger Waters / bass, lead vocals (9,10), VCS3, tape effects- Nick Mason / drums, percussion, tape effects With:- Dick Parry / saxophone (6,7)- Clare Torry / lead vocals (5)- Lesley Duncan / backing vocals- Liza Strike / backing vocals- Barry St.


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