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She said “My family members are very happy and aren’t giving me any pressure” Family members don’t mind Tavia was also at TVB filming for “The Stars of Love” yesterday.

She was asked if she felt relieved, now that the truth has been revealed.

In the afternoon, the couple - she in a fishtail dress and he in a white suit - took their wedding vows in a civil ceremony at Beas River Country Club, said Ming Pao Daily News.

When asked about the rumours that she is stealing the role from current princess of TVB, Nancy Wu (34), she says that she has always been on good terms with her and they do not knife each other in the back for leading roles.

The dress featured 3D embroidery, with golden dragon and phoenix motifs to symbolize fortune and great favour.

He learned that men should just believe themselves.Even after she reveled that Yeung Ji Jiu was her sister’s boyfriend, it was pointed out that she used her sister to hide their relationship.After it was revealed that Griselda Yeung is pregnant, Tavia is now free of rumors.When asked if she has and marriage plans, she said “Wait until after I give birth”. She was then asked if she felt pressure, since she is an unwed mother. Although Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) growing “Pinnochio nose” was a hot topic of discussion recently, the growing controversy also boosted her popularity.Tavia’s fee at promotional events increased to ,000 HKD per show recently, increasing her income significantly.Him Law said, "beating" is just an exaggerated term used by the media. Lau Ding Sing said he knows Him, but Him said he doesn't know him.Later in court, there was a photo of them together. 3 months ago, Him and rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung were accused of having 'car sex', but should we believe the photo that made big headlines of Tavia's face in between Him's thighs or what the couple claimed they were doing, "vomiting from all the drinking"?Making an appearance for the first time yesterday, Griselda revealed that she will give birth first, and then get married afterward.Having a very close relationship with her sister, Tavia supported her sister’s pregnancy by saying “It’s the new century! ” Earlier, it was reported that Tavia was dating Yeung Ji Kiu.


  1. Tavia Yeung's Wedding with Him Law on 2 Oct;. Tavia Yeung's Wedding with Him Law on 2 Oct; boyfriend becomes husband. Choi Siwon dating ex-girlfriend Liu Wen?

  2. Tavia Yeung Follow her on IG @tavia_yeung She was born on 30th of August, 1979. She debut her acting in 1999. She was rumor that she is dating Him Law. Tavia and Kenneth both crown as TV King and Queen from ASTRO's TVB Awards from Malaysia.

  3. On Halloween of 2011, Tavia and Him were spotted on a barbecue date with friends, but they denied seeing each other. 2012. Following the news of their South Korean getaway, Tavia and Him’s dating rumors strengthened. They continued to persist for an entire year before it was finally exposed in September 2012.

  4. Him Law - What Do Men Believe. Him and rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung were accused. Theresa Fu and Him were in the same company and started dating

  5. HK Entertainment News. it was reported that Tavia was dating Yeung Ji Kiu. Even after she reveled that Yeung Ji Jiu was her sister’s boyfriend.

  6. Apple Daily published shocking photos of Tavia Yeung's 楊怡 face resting on Him Law's 羅仲謙 lap yesterday. Reportedly caught in an awkward act, 33-year-old T.

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