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K9 dating new jersey

Once they get moving it's not uncommon that they cannot hold it.

MEDFORD Patrolman Joseph Canuso and his new K9 partner, Rio, are ready to take a bite out of crime after graduating from the New Jersey State Police Academys K9 program.

You'll want to encourage your dog to do the same but if you're still concerned, consider filling the gap. Treat her for coming near the treadmill, or even in the same room. It's okay if session one is just sitting on the belt. Start the treadmill at LOW speed & hand her treats in front of her nose to guide her straight. Your legs on each side of your dog will help form sort of a wall, also encouraging the move forward. This blog is simply to let others know what has worked for my pup & I.

Remember reactive-dog parents: REACTIVITY COMES ALONG WITH A MILLION GOOD THINGS! It's okay if you only get 5 minutes out of your pooch. The idea is to make the treadmill a positive experience as you teach her what she's supposed to do with it. *her pace* -stand on the treadmill with a foot on each side of the belt. Using the treadmill does NOT replace her additional mind-stimulation games & exercises we do nor does it replace outside walks we take as often as needed.

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Applying for a service dog can be time consuming, but we are here to help you through the process. Once we verify that you are eligible, we will send you a formal application. Please note, sending in the full application does not mean the applicant is automatically approved; it MUST go before Semper K9’s review team to be approved.

While he has high hopes for his teamwork with Rio, Canuso said it takes awhile before officer and dog click. They say youre not really bonded until working with them for a year and a half, two years. Police Chief Richard Meder said, I couldnt be more proud. I've learned tricks from certified professionals & dog-savvy people who understand dog behavior & they've helped me tweak those tricks to work for my dog (redirection with treats, anyone?! I'm always looking for tips, locations, situations, etc.If you're concerned a smaller paw or toe might get caught up in that space by accident, try using foam weather stripping to fill the gap.For me, I have a well-loved, deserving, smart, silly, intuitive, cuddly, so incredibly loving reactive dog I could just melt. I accept this part of her & focus on how I can help. Doesn't damage throat & can aid in proper management of your dog on walks) or regular collar (no chain/choker or prong collars) -leash -high value treats (treats that really mean a lot to your dog! With harness & leash already on, invite her on the belt with you. Please note that you should always, always consult your veterinarian before introducing your dog to a treadmill.) -motorized treadmill FIRST THINGS FIRST: potty your pooch! In a town like Medford, where we have so many grammar schools, we have three major high schools, a K9 like Rio helps us should we get threats out of the school, he said.Were able to search those schools much more quickly.Canuso said hes always been fascinated by police dogs, and joined the Medford force in 2004 knowing the township had a K9 history dating to the 1970s. I challenge anybody to find a better K9 handler around than Officer Canuso.Meder also believes K9 work is important for a number of reasons, including that it saves time.Take advantage of of our affordable Online Only subscription.Our Online Only subscription package includes complete Online access to newjerseyhills.com, including our e-Editions.


  1. MEDFORD — Patrolman Joseph Canuso and his new K9 partner, Rio, are ready to take a bite out of crime after graduating from the New Jersey State Police.

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