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Elucidating synonym

As I type this, imagine a little angel and a little devil arguing above my shoulders.The angel makes a reasonable argument: “Why use it you’re just going to alienate reviewers?To my ear, the former, with its "lucid" root, emphasizes clarity of result.The latter ("explain") emphasizes the process of getting there.The taxonomic problems of the genus Disparia Nagano, 1916 in Taiwan and its neighboring areas are elucidated in the present study.

Sentences with the word elucidate What is the meaning of the word elucidate? Words that rhyme with elucidate What is the past tense of elucidate?

One of the biggest challenges I found as I transitioned out of graduate school was collaborative writing, (as opposed to the grad school model where I wrote the entire paper and then had my advisor or co-authors return edits), and one thing I still find tricky is integrating multiple writing styles into one cohesive voice. To me, “discover” implies something totally new, and set in stone.

“Elucidate” makes me think of a process — to shed light on something is to contribute to its greater understanding, even if you don’t have all the answers. ” To reasons: first, I worry it sounds too conversational. In a proposal, every extra word matters when it comes down to fitting into page limits.

So, instead of discovering, I decided we were elucidating instead.

I immediately started second-guessing that choice, because “elucidate” is definitely a twenty-dollar word when a five-cent word works approximately as well, even if it’s not really the most accurate at conveying what I mean.


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  2. Elucidation synonyms, antonyms, English dictionary, English language, definition, see also 'elucidate',erudition',education',election', Reverso dictionary, English synonym, English vocabulary.

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