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This enormous run of fish lasts till late October when the steelhead start their annual jaunt (water levels and other factors dictate when these fish begin and end their run).

The King Salmon (also known as Chinook Salmon) are large, averaging twenty to thirty pounds.

This big time run of big fish lasts till late October when the steelhead run begins.

The Upper Fly Zone is open to angling from April 1 to November 30.At this time of year, the steelhead are focused on spawning, not eating.The fish will start moving back out of the river in late April.There's approximately twelve miles of river that's fishable with well identified holes and pools.Although some areas are more likely to hold more fish than others, these are migrating fish and they can be found anywhere. The first one is the Lower Fly Zone located between a marked boundary at Beaverdam Brook downstream to the County Route 52 Bridge in Altmar.It's a tailwater that operates to produce electrical power and the discharge rates and water levels can change (the water flows are posted on the Internet and generally change at 9 PM) within a short time.Anglers from all over the Eastern United States visit this stream for one reason.Anglers fish for these steelhead they call drop back during late April and May. Coho Salmon, called Silver Salmon, are also in the Salmon River from about September through December.They are easier to catch than the Kings because they are much more aggressive. Pound for pound, they fight better than the Kings and provide a better sport on the fly than the Kings.Although some still attempt to snag these fish, snagging has been outlawed.The thing you want to also take into account is the sheer numbers of anglers during the salmon run.


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