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-- A Michigan police department has opened an internal investigation after an 11-year-old girl was detained during the search for a stabbing suspect last week.Honestie Hodges told WXMI she is scared of the Grand Rapids Police Department after being handcuffed and detained. "I didn’t do anything wrong, I’ve never got in trouble by the Grand Rapids Police.Regardless of whether or not you approve, your child will be exposed to dating by the age of 12.Try to be the voice of reason rather than that of criticism.They may be less apt to talk to you about their feelings or ask for advice if you exercise too much judgment about dating in general, or about their readiness to date.It's important that tweens feel empowered with information that helps them set boundaries, expectations, and limits on themselves and the person they are dating.I used to want to be a Grand Rapids police officer, but ever since that happened, I want nothing to do with them.” Honestie said she, her mother Whitney Hodges, and one of her aunts were leaving their home Wednesday night when they unexpectedly encountered officers in the middle of a search.

"The juvenile was treated the same way we would have treated any adult, and when you’re dealing with an 11-year-old, it’s inappropriate," said Rahinsky.While Chief Rahinsky said he wants to meet with Honestie, she still has to consider it. Regarding seriousness, tween romances seem to be similar to teen and adult relationships in a number of ways.“We were all put into separate cop cars.” The Grand Rapids Police Department said officers were searching the area for an armed stabbing suspect, 41-year-old Carrie Sue Manning, who they thought may have been in the home.The suspect was eventually found in a home nearby and taken into custody.If there are certain aspects of the person they are dating that you don't like, keep it to yourself.Try to focus on finding out how the boy or girl treats your tween first."The screams of the 11-year-old, they go to your heart, you hear the mother yelling from the steps ‘that’s my child,' and that’s our community’s child.That’s someone who lives in Grand Rapids, that’s somebody who should feel safe running to an officer." Rahinksy said the three individuals detained by officers were to make sure they were not the suspect and that they weren't armed, but he said changes need to be made moving forward. "We have to start looking at it through a lens from everything from training, de-escalation tactics, supervision.” As for Honestie and her family, they're still upset, filing a complaint again the Grand Rapids Police Department.“You [GRPD] didn’t even give us the decency to say we’re here because of this," said Whitney Hodges."You got us all in cop cars, have my child scared, for why, for what?


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