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Updating uplay

Unfortunately the site is in German only, as is all communication and support.

Just like the u IEC, SD2IEC, C64SD and many other devices.If you randomly come by an SD card drive for 8-bit Commodores, it’s probably some sort of SD2IEC/MMC2IEC variant.This particular variant of the hardware goes by name , Peter Sieg plate. hardware configuration – which is important information when flashing or updating the AVR firmware.The kit came with ATMega 1284 AVR – a 128k chip that is likely to fit also the upcoming updates of sd2iec firmware in future.Anyhow, this one was not a complete ready to use device, but a DIY kit that consists of nothing but the board, the SD card slot and an optional preprogrammed AVR chip.The shop supports the community there and vice versa it appears.At least the product assortment is very interesting, and they ship worldwide.The kit with programmed AVR didn’t cost very much, and the remaining electric components were only few euros from a local electrics shop.Even though this kit is no longer available from Retro-Donald’s Sinchai shop, I’ll go ahead and run down what I did with mine and how I built it.The Commodore 64 has a disk drive that is unique in many ways.Not only is the Commodore 1541 said to be the world’s slowest disk drive, but it’s also big, bulky, noisy and has a reputation of being unreliable. In many ways it’s the disk drive that has defined our experience with the C64.


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  3. I really dont want it updating automatically. I find it annoying. I dont care if theres any risks, I want to disable it. I have windows 10 home, and tried disabling.

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