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One thing leads to another, and things become hot and heavy.Before you've had a chance to have dinner and a movie with this guy, you've already had sex with him...According to a new study, young adults are hooking up for sex, even before they go on a first date.Having "hookups" and "friends with benefits" may seem fun and free for singles, but there are possible long-term effects to having casual sex.

The GMC also say that doctors should take action if a colleague is acting in a way that puts patients at risk.The first step to raising a concern in hospital is usually to speak with someone in authority such as the lead consultant in the department, or medical director.You must be clear, honest and objective about the reason for your concern.First of all, happy people tend to provide better support to their spouses than they would if they were unhappy and focused on their own issues.Imagine your most dramatic friend/ex all riled up about their own life and not having the awareness to think that anything might be happening in yours. Secondly, the researchers suggested that happy people were more likely to rub off their own healthy habits onto others, like eating well, getting enough sleep, working out, and the like.Thirdly, they suggested that being with a happy person could just make life easier, which in turn would support general happiness.After all, happy people are generally better at communicating, more fun, and way less likely to try and manipulate your life or stress you out for no reason.More information can be found in the GMC's guidance Maintaining a professional boundary between you and your patient and Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety.This guidance was correct at publication 09/02/2017.It is intended as general guidance for members only.If you are a member and need specific advice relating to your own circumstances, please contact one of our advisers.


  1. Sep 8, 2017. Forget tall, dark and handsome - a major dating site says the ideal man is short, dark and pudgy, but we're not convinced. According to a new study by - which analysed the profiles of millions of members - women generally fancy short men. This goes against everything anyone has ever said.

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