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Is bristol palin dating anyone

The man also called Sarah Palin a choice name, then calling the politician “the devil,” according to the Daily Mail.

Bristol questioned whether the man was gay, possibly as a source of his anger against her mom, and the man supposedly said he was gay.

While we don’t disagree that she looks a little miffed in the close-up, just because a girl is dressed up and wearing makeup doesn’t mean she’s sloppy drunk.

At the same time, the angle is less than flattering, and this was pre-facial surgery for Bristol, so it’s not the best portrait of her that we’ve seen.

The report stated that a man named Korey Klingenmeyer shoved Bristol down and called her a number of unsavory names.

Despite her public persona as a do-gooder, that apparently set Bristol off, and she repeatedly punched Klingenmeyer in the face until he shoved her away again.

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But toward the end of her ride, another bargoer apparently began yelling inappropriate commentary at Bristol.

She was only 20 at the time, so it’s unclear why she was in a bar in the first place, but the LA haunt is reportedly famous for hosting celebrities like Britney Spears.

Either way, Bristol didn’t last long, and was flipped off the bull, although she kept a smile on her face until the next phase of the night’s drama began.

And our sympathy is a little stretched because she was technically an adult when Tripp was born, and she’s perfectly capable of getting a regular job and supporting and parenting her child, just like other single moms.

This one is unflattering because of the staggering amount of self-indulgent whining about how hard parenting is.


  1. Feb 23, 2018. She's the offspring of one who always touted that herrrrrrr family was better than yourrrrrrrs or anyone else's. Bristol is one line of proof that the family is exponentially more fucked up than most everyone else's, evidence that their Christian family values area sham, and 1/5th of the evidence that $arah Palin.

  2. Jan 19, 2016. Bristol Palin shared a sweet moment with daughter Sailor and brother Trig on Instagram, saying her youngest sibling "officially loves" his niece. Bristol Palin shares photo of brother Trig holding her baby daughter. "Cheers to a new year and peace to anyone who's got anything to say about it." Bristol.

  3. Dec 30, 2015. Bristol Palin's Instagram followers are demanding to know who is the father of her new baby. her pregnancy about a month after calling off her engagement to Marine and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, raising questions about whether Meyer or someone else was the father of the baby.

  4. Sep 14, 2015. She is wearing dark leggings, a matching top and jacket and knee-length boots. This baby is apparently the child of Bristol's former fiancé, Dakota.

  5. Jul 30, 2016. WATCH Bristol Palin Marries Dakota Meyer! "#trapper #safetyfirst. WATCH Bristol Palin Fires Back at Instagram Commenter Who Mocks Her Brother Trig for Wearing Trump Apparel. "Look @bsmp2 she's a. Palin and Meyer secretly married in June after dating on and off for several years. The couple.

  6. Jun 26, 2015. But then, because I sincerely am trying to be one of those tolerant liberals the Palin family reviles so very much, I took a step back. I tried to look at Bristol Palin not just as someone who has been paid money to call abstinence "a realistic goal for myself," one who did a PSA vowing she would not hook up.

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