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This small value indicates that the chronology produced is insensitive to the specific orbital tuning technique used.

Finally, the significant contributions from each chapter of this work are summarized in Section 1.4.Time series provide information about the magnitude and rate of past climate change, climate responses to changes in incoming solar radiation (insolation), and connections between different parts of the climate system.The results presented in this dissertation advance paleoclimate research by providing several important tools for improving paleoclimate time series and by presenting a novel analysis of climate change over the last 5 million years (Myr).10 Ma) in Mediterranean and Pacific marine sections agree to within about a 100 ka eccentricity, which amounts to an uncertainty of only ca. Orbital eccentricity periods are thought to remain stable over very long times and thus provide the possibility of precise relative age control in the pre-Neogene.An APTS, for example, has been developed in a thick lacustrine section of Late Triassic age (ca.To place this work in perspective, Section 1.1 establishes the importance of time series in paleoclimate studies.Section 1.2 examines the techniques for the creating paleoclimate age models, which are a common theme throughout this research.However, this goal is also one of the most pressing, given the possibility that human activities may soon dramatically alter the planet's climate.One of the most effective ways to study the dynamics of the climate system is to analyze time series of various climate variables.Thus the final chronology has an average error of ±5000 yr.This content is available through Read Online (Free) program, which relies on page scans. Topics: Geomagnetic polarity time scale, Astronomy, Automatic picture transmission, Earth, Paleoclimatology, Precession, Magnetic polarity, Stratigraphy, Calibration, Axial tilt Milankovitch climate cyclicity and magnetic polarity stratigraphy are being successfully combined as a powerful geochronometer in the astronomical polarity time-scale (APTS).


  1. Using the concept of “orbital tuning”, a continuous, high-resolution deep-sea chronostratigraphy has been developed spanning the last 300,000 yr. The chronology is developed using a stacked oxygen-isotope stratigraphy and four different orbital tuning approaches, each of which is based upon a different assumption.

  2. Orbital tuning is the dating of paleoclimate records through correlation with proposed forcing functions, typically insolation or the orbital parameters which control its distribution see Appendix A. The advantage of this dating technique is that it is very high resolution, but assuming a particular forcing function may introduce.

  3. The astronomical tuning technique is at present the most accurate dating method for sediment records spanning the time interval of the last 35 m.y. for which astronomers provide a valid and precise orbital solution for variations in Earth's orbital parameters Laskar, 1999. Changes in the eccentricity of Earth's orbit are.

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