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Tv pack guide not updating

Here's the bad news (or, maybe, not-so-great news): It's an OEM-only upgrade, so you can't download it through Windows Update or from It's intended for release to manufacturers only, and there's no guarantee they'll offer it as an upgrade to current users.I don't know if this (different versions of Vista) has anything to do with why some users (predating or postdating the change) have different outcomes trying to download the new EPG by Roki.Since the July 20th cutover to Rovi, I have not received guide data after never having a glitch before. I have run files people have suggested that turns of the Task Manager task tvdownload.microsoft.com, rerun the Channel Guide setup at least 2 dozen times, rebooted even more often. I recently read that a few months later (late 2007 or early 2008?) that Microsoft quit providing preloaded WMC and required new computer buyers to download it.Then we'll walk you through how to use them and how to make the most from Windows Media Center TV Pack 2008.

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And in spite of Microsoft's caution that TV Pack should be installed only on a clean copy of Windows Vista SP1, many users are reporting success with the new software. TV Pack includes important new features, such as support for new television formats (particularly outside of the U.

I have been trying different zip codes and have settled on 53203 for my over the air set up. Explorer has been working fine to find all these troubleshooting guides online so it is not an internet connection issue.

It always says it downloaded the guide, but then you go on to live TV and it has "No data" as the name of the program.

I thought briefly about just editing the enclosed file by replacing the name Zap2it with Roki in the file and then trying again to download/reload, etc., the Media Center Guide but I realized this file also contains other information such as "HEADEND" (with reference number for Zap2it, not Roki) and since I didn't want give myself a bigger problem, I am seeking help here online.

I can still watch TV on my PC but just don't have any EPG!


  1. Everything you need to know to install, tune, and get the most out of the new Windows Media Center TV Pack.

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