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Epo not updating

The amended PCT-EPO Guidelines, which will enter into force on 1 November 2017, will be published as a complete "November 2017" edition which will supersede the November 2016 edition.

Like the previous editions, the "November 2017" edition of the PCT-EPO Guidelines will be published only in electronic form and will be available in all three official languages on the EPO website at , where it can be downloaded free of charge.

When you try to download them from phone "EPO settings", you see message "EPO FILE INFO DOWNLOADING", than you see (50%).

That 50% status appears and disappears around 3 times, and some time after that you receive error message "Download files invalid".

On the website there are also two versions in PDF format, one showing all modifications and one clean copy.

And when I have there correct MD5 checksum in file EPO. So someone should tell Mediatek, that they have some serious problem with MD5 calculation on their FTP server.

As of today the problem still persist, however it's not caused by wrong MD5 check sum anymore.

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