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Updating database in avg 8 5

Aviv is a very good product which I have been using on ME for like a year and a half without issues , one of the last to still support ME . If your ISP is any good at all most viruses should be cleaned at the mailserver and very few actual viruses should come via email .

Worms and trojans is a different story but haven't seen much of that either.

Not sure what I'll do when they stop support guess it will be time for a new computer . "AVG 7.5 Free Edition still works on my computer but I had to update the virus database manually after downloading the required files from the AVG website"Really?

XP would not work with my optical drives and there were no updated drivers from the LG site for those drives . Have you tried it recently, like within the past couple of weeks?

Anyway, Avast 4.8.1368 is the last build *officially* supported under Windows 95/NT 4.0/98/ME.

The best part about AVG free is that it sits in your system tray and does not disturb you with warning windows or update messages.

It can inform you about services that track you when you are online.

Also if you have AVg just verify your computer date and address are correct on your pc .

Avast works great and doesn't take a lot of resources either.


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