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Javascript for validating email with regular expression dating gauteng usa

So, all of value, step, min, and max can be omitted.

However, in the current version of Chrome, selecting the up/down arrows starts at 0001-01-01 unless you supply a value.

Note that the library incorrectly reports that the latest version of Safari (5.1.7) does not support date input, when in fact it does (albeit with a much poorer interface than Chrome and Opera).

In Opera and other future browsers that pop up calendars, the calendar selection defaults to the current date.

But there are no common format in credit card numbering system, it varies company to company.

Firefox and Safari had moderate support, and Internet Explorer had no support at all.

For each type of input element, we use the code to detect if your browser supports it. You should normally supply all of value, min, and max.

For each of the new input types, we present a high-level description, an overview of the syntax, a description of the main attributes, a summary of which current browsers support it, and an example you can experiment with in your browser.

Please send corrections and suggested improvements to [email protected] As of January 2013, Opera had the most complete support for these new input elements, followed closely by Chrome.


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