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Maybe you want to have kids and realized that you need help with that.

Maybe you just have a deep, undeniable desire for a loving, committed companion. While it may seem like two categories at first, we soon discover in application that there are three: the single, the married, and the not-yet-married.

Marry if you must, but be warned, following Jesus is not easier when you join yourself to another sinner in a fallen world.

While marriage may bring joy, help, and relief in certain areas, it immediately multiplies your distractions because you’re intimately responsible for this other person, his or her needs, dreams, and growth.

I found the man God had for me when I got on the path God had for me. The biggest dilemma single missionaries talk about is whether God has directed them to stay single.

When I left for East Asia, I was twenty-five years old.

Dating can feel as if you're in a small town, with everybody having his or her own special opinion about your relationship.

The pastor who eventually married us gave us this great advice, "Find one mature couple you trust and can confide in, then tell everyone else to mind their own business." You will. The question "how" is a bit hard to answer because other people's experience won't necessarily apply to you.

I never figured I'd be married, then I met an amazing person, got married, and never went back overseas. I still mourn a bit not being overseas where I once felt I should be, but I pray and do not regret having met and married the best person ever... All over the world there are other godly singles like you, who are no longer living for themselves.

I didn't want to go into missions single, so I decided to find a mate before going.

But then someone told me once that if I wanted to find a guy who was committed to missions, I should look for him overseas, which made a lot of sense. But there are times when what's ahead seems daunting, and a partner to help pursue the vision would be great. He knows whether I can better do what he's leading me to do with a partner or without one.

In light of my experience, I offer the following three pieces of advice: 1.

Get moving toward missions without waiting around to get married. If you feel that God has not directed you to stay single, then neither give up on getting married nor stop looking. Single missionaries often overlook potential love interests based on a petty, limited perspective about how perfect their potential spouse needs to be.


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