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Podcasts not updating on ipod nano

I created a playlist and i added the mp3 files from the podcast that i want to synch.

I have an IPod nano 7th gen, that i use to listen to podcasts.Instead of suggesting you search for this kind of tool by trial and error, we’d like to recommend you one of the best i Pod transfer tools – - Transfer (i OS).It’s specially designed for i Pod users to transfer files between computer and i Pods.I mostly use my phone now because of this synchronization issue.I have the latest MM version portable mode, running from a USB drive where I keep it with the podcast files.I do notice MM shows 2 ipods sometimes, sometimes it shows one then the other.sometimes both at a time: IPOD (1) (F:)i Pod Nano (F:)IPOD (1) (F:) shows Portable Device Sync and locate "IPOD (1)" , is there d_plugin?Use the USB cable to connect your i Pod with your computer.When - Transfer (i OS) detects your i Pod, it will display your i Pod in its main window.Like the above user mentioned, sometimes you can't transfer all MP3 songs to your i Pod with i Tunes.And sometimes, it takes a long time for you to put MP3 to i Pod when your i Tunes Library is baggy.


  1. Could help you transfer MP3 music files to iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano. from iTunes to iPod Touch/Nano/shuffle; 19. Put Podcasts On iPod ;

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  3. Why does iTunes not automatically download new. Surely the whole point of a podcast downloader is to download podcasts, not sulk if it things it. iPod, iPad.

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