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They were a bit of a policy whirlwind, but the 100-day notion was an afterthought for he did not mention it until 43 days after the period ended on 11 June 1933. An Israeli legal group are threatening to sue two New Zealand women for writing an opinion piece on a New Zealand website.

They'll probably never get a cent from it, but that's not really the point of the exercise.

Some progress has been made toward women being able to be mothers and in paid employment but there is some way to go.

Given Ardern and Gayford's prominence they may be about to make the tectonic plates of our society shift.

Those outside Wellington may need to know that they live in a cove between Island Bay and Lyall Bay, with magnificent views of Cook Strait, its sea life and its shipping.

Its total population is probably around a hundred and perhaps not all the locals are as devoted to the republic as my friends are.

We can be reasonably certain that any changes will not be as radical as the 1984 Rogernomics policy changes.

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I do not know what will be happening when you read this. It's taken a while to get it down, but I wonder whether we shouldn't be giving this some deeper thought Arguing about the prayer that open parliament each day is as old as parliament itself; it was the first order of business in the first session (after the election of the speaker) when New Zealand's new parliament opened in Auckland, May 1854. Political commentators hark back to his first 100 days of office. But he is also a good economist and his judgements should be reflected upon, especially in his area of expertise in macroeconomic and monetary policy, and financial regulatory matters.

Through much of the 1990s while he was bitterly attacked by Labour leaders - Helen Clark included - such tributes were impossible to imagine.

I have friends who live in the ‘Independent Republic of Houghton Bay’.

Corbyn in Britian and Sanders in the United States have support but can't get elected.

Can New Zealand Labour show that it is not only possible to form a government but also to save social democracy?


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