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Carvin serial number dating

If you purchased your product through a dealer than you will need to return it back to the dealer according to the dealer’s return policy.**All CLEARANCE item sales are final with no refunds or exchanges.Our shipping department will refuse packages arriving without the RA number clearly marked on the outside of the box.Shipments arriving without freight prepaid will not be accepted. asks that you retain a copy of your receipt for proof of date of purchase which is required to claim warranty service.

*** IMPORTANT** Write the RA number on the outside of each package being returned.Refunds are not offered beyond the 10-day trial period.Item(s) being returned must be postmarked for return by the 11th day after you received your product or no refund will be given.Limited Warranty does not cover the following conditions: a) modified products either electrically or mechanically in any way, b) moisture, c) salt/smoke/contaminants, d) natural disasters or any act of God, accident, fire, flood, ect.e) abuse, f) lack of reasonable care, g) modification or removal of the factory applied serial number, h) loss or theft.S.) and high power RF transmitters, as a display device in television sets and in microwave ovens.Vacuum tubes, or thermionic valves, are arrangements of electrodes in a vacuum within an insulating, temperature-resistant envelope.For example, if your product was sent in 6 months from the original date of purchase for warranty service, your replacement product will come with a 6-month warranty. For most purposes, the vacuum tube has been replaced by the much smaller and less expensive transistor, either as a discrete device or in an integrated circuit.There is no warranty for CLEARANCE ITEMS.** Yes, your Carvin Corp.product listed below comes with a limited warranty to the original purchaser of the product.


  1. Carvin’s serialization is. Carvin suggests dating your guitar by certain features rather than the serial number. Refer to the Carvin Museum website for.

  2. Between 19 Carvin guitars do not have a serial number. The first guitar to have a serial number was #5000 and it was issued in 1970.

  3. I thought the same thing. I believe the best way to date a Carvin is to get the serial number off the jack plate and go to the museum site. Dating a Carvin.

  4. Most gear has a serial number. Use our dating guides below to figure out when your instrument was made and where it came from. The Reverb Price Guide Browse Now

  5. Carvin does not keep an accurate database of serial numbers, and cannot provide any information based solely on a serial number. Carvin serial #'s.

  6. Carvin Guitar Dates? this page is all about Carvin. From 1964 thru 1968 Carvin Guitars Do Not Have serial. then in 1970 they started off with number 5000

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