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However, in a display of insolence that Kevin The Stroppy Teenager (pictured) would envy, it manages not to find Ed Sheeran to pay him his mechanical royalty. In this instance Sheeran – we're using him because he's famous – registered his details with performing rights society BMI.But Spotify isn't obliged to look at that BMI data.Queens also makes it easier to deploy Open Stack services as containers with the new LOCI module.LOCI is aimed at edge computing so that containerised Open Stack functions can be spawned to diverse and far-flung computing resources.

"Additionally, Google discriminated against Plaintiff on the basis of her disability, failed to accommodate her, retaliated against her, and terminated her." Among the more unpleasant incidents alleged in the lawsuit: The lawsuit paperwork went on to claim that after Lee filed a harassment gripe about the desk incident, her managers responded by rejecting her source code submissions and then labeled her a "poor performer" as an engineer.

The claims are part of a larger case Lee is building against Google, to ultimately argue that her 2016 firing was unjust.

In addition to the harassment complaints, the lawsuit alleged that when Lee was hurt in a car accident, Google initially approved medical leave and a flexible work schedule around her treatment for injuries and therapy, then fired her for poor performance.

Queens gets its coming-out party at the Open Stack Summit in Vancouver in May 2018.

Analysis Spotify has ended five years of speculation about an IPO, and has filed for a public share offering likely to make its founders – and large record labels – extremely rich indeed.


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