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Sex chats for ipod touch

On the way: A fitness phone from Samsung that lets you measure body fat with the touch of a button, and includes quick links to fitness counselors.

The cost: Nokia Fitness Phone -- 9 plus service; Siemens Fitness Phone -- 9.

To help keep you up to date on the world of high-tech weight control, Web MD asked several experts to help us investigate the possibilities. Keeping a food journal is one of the oldest and best-known ways to launch a successful diet.

By writing down everything we eat, experts say, we can clearly see how much and how often we're eating -- and take steps to deal with bad habits.

How it works: By downloading various weight loss programs (including a calorie counter, carb counter, personal trainer, and personal pedometer) you can turn any Java-enabled cell phone or PDA into a dieting encyclopedia.

By entering personal information (like height, weight, and dieting goals), you can further customize each program to provide detailed information to help you meet your goals.

Extras include various monitors and calculators, including one that tallies your nutritional needs based on what you're eating now.They offer various services, including an electronic coach, a calorie counter, body mass index (BMI) calculator, heart rate monitor, and fitness scheduler. How it works: The Nokia is preloaded with software that allows you to program in fitness-related information about yourself, as well as your goals.Based on that, your phone will work out a training schedule, and keep track of your workouts, including how often and how long you exercise.On the down side, she wonders how many people are really going to photograph all their food every day -- and how many have 0 a month to spend on this luxury.While Sandon says the Food Phone can be motivator, "it's like having someone watching over everything you eat." She notes that pictures don't tell the whole story.For the weight-obsessed -- someone who wants to count calories, track body fat, and take a pulse count while sitting in a coffee shop or movie theater -- it's heaven.For the rest of us: It won't do those sit-ups for you.If you agree to be a beta tester (that is, to test how well the program performs), the application is free and the fees are waived for 90 days.What the experts say: "There's nothing new here except how you access the information," says Heller.Once upon a time, we were told losing weight required nothing more than a good diet and exercise plan and the motivation to stick with both.While those things are still true, an entire industry has sprung up to help us achieve those goals.


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