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Today, more than 15,000 vehicles worldwide are equipped with a Poclain additional mobility solution.

A new company in the Poclain group, Poclain Powertrain develops automotive activity and proposes a new solution intended for passenger cars: Addi Drive temporary all-wheel drive transmission, adaptable to any type of vehicle.

In order to solve this issue, Schaeffler has developed a cost-effective alternative using a dampened disc combined with a centrifugal pendulum absorber, already used in mass production on certain dual mass flywheels.

In this way, the filtration of engine torque irregularities remains satisfactory for torques less than 250Nm, hence offering an intermediate solution.

NTN-SNR has also reduced the weight of the wheel bearings by means of compact wheel technology with an aluminium centering pivot, connected to which is the bolt support function for tightening the transmission seal.

Today, the basic solution is to use a single mass flywheel with a dampened clutch disc.The new seals have helped reduce friction on the front drive axles by 30% and up to 40% on the rear drive axles.Company: POCLAIN POWERTRAIN Selected product: ADDIDRIVEMarket launch: 2016/12For more than 20 years, Poclain Hydraulics has marketed hydraulic additional mobility solutions dedicated to heavy trucks and LCVs.This very compact solution is based on a simple principle: a hydraulic pump, driven by the powertrain differential output, feeds a rear hydraulic motor via high pressure hoses.Thanks to the modularity of the system, the car manufacturer can expand its AWD offer on several vehicles (initially not planned for the 4x4) and thus expand its customer base.Addi Drive addresses occasional needs without imposing mechanical 4x4 constraints to the customers, such as fuel consumption for example.Furthermore, it has the advantage of being transparent; it impacts very little on the vehicle platform and does not require any passenger cockpit modification.Customers in emerging countries are facing potentially poor road infrastructures, uncertain weather conditions and limited revenue.Therefore their need for enhanced mobility at the right price is extremely high.Unfortunately, the efficiency of a such system is limited once the engines become more acyclic (downsizing, reduction of cylinders, downspeeding, etc.) normally leading to the use of a high end damper (e.g.dual mass flywheel), which may offer too much performance.


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