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What I thought was that I'll create 4 temp tables and distribute the total load in these 4 tables and simultaneously kick off 4 threads which would run simultaneously and load the data.If threading would not be used then there is no reason for me to divide the load in 4 different tables.

The Java auto-update mechanism is designed to keep Java users up-to-date with the latest security fixes.

I have a txt file delimited by '|' as follows: name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22 In the above mentioned text file the data are not complete for each line.

Later i have the full data for say the third record i.e Name: Gaara Id:1 age:22 address:sand rank:100 Now how do i go and update the original data in the file as name|id|age|address|rank naruto|2|24 vegeta|3|25 gaara|1|22|sand|100 Please help...

With database in such situation you are much more flexible than with files. Could i create say 4 different temp tables which would contain all the records to be updated.

Could i use threads on these temp tables so that the records could get updated simultaneously and could complete fast.


  1. I haven't been able to update Java under 8.1 and, since uninstalling Java, I now can't install it. The problem is always the same. I get a "Java install did not.

  2. Updating Java. From an Admin. Once you have this version of java installed you will not need to use the WMI query to uninstall older versions since the.

  3. Basic troubleshooting tips for Java issues. Remove prior installations of Java that are not working before trying to install again.

  4. Things to try when Java won't install. but Java is not working, check to see whether the Java Control Panel exists within. updating your antivirus.

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