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Has written the following books of mus.: Progressive Vocal Studies, Seventy-nine Studies for Alto or Bass, Seventy Lessons in Voice Training, Vocal Technique, Studies in Articulation, Exercises in Vocal Tech- nique. Born Fall River, Mass., 1875, the name of her parents being Whitehead. She danced for the entertainment of guests at summer resorts in the White Mountains until she decided to become a prof. Her first engagement was in Boston, in 1894, in the chorus of "1492." In 1895 she made her first Broadway appear- ance in Little Christopher, still be- ing in the chorus. In 1899 she played Gwendolyn in Prince Pro Tern, and in the same year Iris in The Greek Slave. Soc of the Pilgrim Congregation- al Churdh, and now dir. Visited Italy, France, Germany, England and other European centres studying system of mus. Composed following operas: The Water Carrier, Adaline, The Roundheads, Cavaliers; also the following songs: Memory's Dream, Tell It, Silver Throat, Song of the Opal. She became solo dancer at these festivals, which were annual affairs. Duff to play Mollie S'eamore in The Geisha and Dolly Wemyss in The Circus Girl.

of Mus., singing, meanwhile, in choir Church of the Advent. Born Wellesley Training Ship, North Shields, Northumberland, Sept. The most complete and reliable compendium of biographical and reference information relating to the stage and its artistic and business representatives ever compiled. A library in itself, and of inestimable value to students, writers and members of the pro- fession. 39 Bergere, Ouida 39 Bergere, Valerie 39 Bernhardt, Sarah 40- Bernstein, Eugene 42 Berwald, William 42 Bettelheim, Edwin S. Fiske as Raoul Berton in Leah Kleschna, as Count Choteau de Rohan in The Rose, as D'Anceler in The Eyes of the Heart, as Ulric Brendel in Rosmers- holm, as Sir William in The New York Idea and as Assessor Brack in Hedda Gabler, 1904-07. Allston 53 Browne, Porter Emerson 53 Brownell, Mabel 54 Bruce, Clifford 54 Bruneau, Alfred ± 54 Bruning, Albert 54 Buchanan, Thompson 5» Buck, Dudley 55 Burbeck, Frank 55 Burdett, George Albert 55 Burke, Billie 55 Burnand, F. (with Brander Mat- thews), The Manor Farm (with Oscar Beringer), etc. This play was later made into a four-act drama and prod, in New York, 1906. She had been successful in amateur theatricals, 26 Arm WHO'S WHO IN MUSIC AND DRAMA Ash and when it became necessary for her to provide for herself she turned to the stage. in Illinois, her first part being Esther Eccles in Caste. at the Front St., Balti- more, Md., where she played roles that ranged from Lady Gay Spanker to Iphigenia. ARMSTRONG, William Dawson — Com- poser and Teacher. C 56 Burnett, Frances Hodgson 56 Burnham, Charles 56 Burnley, Curtis 57 Burroughs, Marie 5T WHO'S WHO IN MUSIC AND DRAMA Page Burt, Benjamin Hapgood 57 Burt, Laura _. Married Florence Mont- gomery, at Harrow Weald, Eng., Sept. Permanent address: The Cot- tage, Wealdstone, Middlesex, England. Other plays from his pen have been Ann Da Mont, Superstitions of Sue, Heir to the Hoorah, Salomy Jane, Society and the Bulldog, Blue Grass, Via Wireless, Going Some, The Renegade, For a Woman, Alias Jimmy Valentine, The Deep Purple, The Greyhound, A Ro- mance of the Underworld and The Es- cape. At this time she attracted the attention of Dion Boucicault, who engaged her to play Arte O'Neil in The Shaughraun. Anton Dvorak, and was by him appointed teacher of theory at Nat. Composed Ameri- can Plantation Dances, prod, at Madison Square Garden, New York, 1894, under auspices Dr. 57 Busch, Carl 58 Butler, Vernon 58 Butler, Nellie 58 Bynner, Witter 58 Byrne, Francis 58 Byron, Oliver Doud 59 C Cadman, Ethel 59 Cady, Calvin Brainerd.^ 59 Caine, Hall 59 Cairns, Clifford 60 Caldara, Orme 60 Calloway, Thomas Clanton 60 Calvert, Catherine 60 Cameron, Frances 60 Camp, John Spencer 61 Camp, Sheppard 61 Campbell, Craig 61 Campbell, Mrs. Prof, debut made as Neptune in Saved from the Sea, Ele- phant and Castle, London, Nov. He wrote, prod, and appeared in The Wild Rabbit, Wolverhampton, Eng., subsequently prod. He played many roles throughout England, and for two years at Vaudeville, London. Tanqueray, and Duke of Olperts in The Notorious Mrs. In many of his plays he has had the assistance of other writers, notably Winchell Smith, Rex Beach and Wilson Mizner. This was followed by her appearance in dual roles in Hoodman Blind, and the leading roles in The Still Alarm and The Burglar. Patrick 61 Carbone, Agostino 62 Carew, James 62 Carl, William Crane 62 Carle, Richard 62 Carr, Alexander 63 Carreno, Teresa 63 Carter, Ernest 63 Carter, Mrs. She then joined Charles Frohman's forces and became the leading lady in his stock co., playing the leading roles in Men and Women and The Girl I Left Behind Me. She es- sayed a vaudeville tour in 1908, pre- senting an attractive pianologue act, which continued until her engagement as Gwendolyn in The Newlyweds, first presented Baker O. 1, 1911, when she again returned to vaudeville, presenting an original head- line feature 1911-12. 8, 1900; title role in Caleb West, Manhattan, New York, Sept. of Mus., Dresden, Where he had gone to study, 1885. and The- atrical Exhibition and Indianapolis May Mus. Appeared as Madame Leontine in The Man From Cook's, New Amsterdam, New York, Mar. Powers in Two Little Brides, Casino, New York, Apr. Von Trautwein in The June Bride, Har- manus Bleecker Hall, Albany, Sept. 6, 1900; as Prince Metternich, with Maude Adams, in L'Aiglon, Knickerbocker, New York, Oct.


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